Friday, April 10, 2009

Back in Little Rock

We have been back in Little Rock since Monday. He is looking great and it is wonderful to see him. He seems to like the visual therepy and appears to be able to see more than doctors originally thought. Most of the info we found is from teachers and parents, so the doctors are not as optimistic as we are. He seems to be able to see me and colors and lights. Some days it is like he can see almost everything. He is still taking his bottle well. He gets a bottle three times a day. When he takes all of it all three times, they will take him up to four times. I get to give it to him twice a day and the nurse gives him the other at 2:00 am.

Please continue to pray for us and Elijah's physical state, and also, we will be able to raise the money to add an addition to our home. We have one bedroom for all three children but now that he has special needs, we need a room just for him so we can homeschool him. We will have to set it up like a school for the blind would with minimal visual stimulation. He cannot share a room because in addition to needing an unstimulating visual environment, he also needs quiet to learn visually. (Pray we will get out of here soon because the hospital is NOT quiet!) Also, there are some environmental concerns in our home such as asbestos and lead paint, that while they are covered, will not remain safe indefinitly. We had intentions of doing these renovations anyway, but Elijah helped move the deadline up a little bit. We have some money to go towards it, but not enough. We are under conviction to do it debt-free, so we are praying that God provides. If you have any suggestions or idea s, let us know. Our email is We check it almost daily.

Both of the benefits in our honor raised a lot of money and would like to thank everyone who came out to support us. It is amazing to watch God's people take care of each other and bear one another's burdens.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and may God bless you as much as He has blessed us.



  1. Bless his little heart. Haop all is well soon~

  2. Hi, I'm an early intervention specialist. A couple of thoughts when I read this post (haven't read your whole story, by the way): Apply for SSI to see if you can use those funds for equipment, etc. that Elijah may need. Get hooked up with your early intervention program in your state. Ask your social worker/case worker what funds might be available for Elijah's care, equipment, etc. In fact, if you get trained as a CNA you can get paid for his care! Just some thoughts.......