Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Surgery scheduled

Elijah is doing well, but has continued to spit up. So that he can eat and grow properly, they are going to do surgery to correct this. He will be getting a G tube, a temporary feeding tube that will go directly to his stomach, and had a valve you "plug" into to feed him. In addition, he will have a Nissen fundoplication which will take the top part of his stomach and wrap it around his esophagus so he will not be able to vomit. We will probably be going home about a week after the surgery. The surgery will be done on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. We are still waiting to get a time. Please pray for him during the surgery, however, it is a common surgery with low risk. This will make teaching him to take a bottle quicker and easier and we can do it at home instead of in the hospital. Continue praying for us.

Thank you,

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