Thursday, April 16, 2009

Continued progress

Elijah is taking his bottle better now. He is allowed to bottle feed every other feed and is taking the whole amount. His sucking is much stronger now. Yesterday he spit up after every feed, but today they switched him to Alimentum and he took the whole thing and so far no spit up! His head ultrasound was stable without change. Keep praying we can come home soon. All we are waiting on is him to eat. Nothing else is keeping him here.

On the fund raising home front...We will have a booth at the French Camp May Day festival/Pioneer day where we will be selling special necklaces we made to represent his visual impairment and will be accepting donations. We have faith that God "will supply our need acording to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

To the lady who commented about the CNA certification: Could I have some more info? I am interested in doing that.



  1. I remember waiting on Brayden to figure out the eating situation. It can be frustrating but he will continue to do better every day!

  2. CNA Info. Get hooked up with your early intervention program - you should be able to do this even while in the hospital. This will also provide in home therapies (or it should!) for Elijah. Either ask them or search for a CNA course in your town. Apply for SSI and Medicaid - I think Medicaid pays for the CNA - when you are trained then you get paid to be your son's CNA. I will do some more checking about this - I live in another state.