Monday, February 2, 2009

Urgent prayer needed

The Ryan family is in need of a lot of prayer power right now. The ECMO machine that little Elijah has been on requires a blood thinner. This somehow has caused the brain to bleed. They reduced the blood thinner medication as much as they possibly could, but the bleeding has gotten worse. In an effort to hopefully prevent brain damage, the doctors are pulling him off the ECMO today as quickly as possible (within just a couple of hours). This is normally a two-day process. They feel that the heart is ready for this; the rest of the organs are functioning properly at this time. Please pray that the heart will be able to work properly on its own after coming off the machine. Pray also that God will intervene further and allow there to be no brain damage. They will be doing an MRI as soon as they can get him stablized once he is off the ECMO. Please pray also for Michael and Teresa. This is a very critical point and a very emotionally draining day for them. Pray that God will continue to sustain them and give them the peace that passes all understanding throughout this time.

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