Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Off the ventilator!

Baby Elijah is continuing to do remarkably well. He is completely off the ventilator now. He will have another echocardiogram done on Thursday to see how his lungs and heart are holding up with him breathing on his own now. The MRI yesterday showed some expected damaged tissue from brain bleeds, but doctors are hopeful that the brain will heal itself or other parts of the brain may take over the jobs of the damaged parts. So, they remain hopeful that there may be no long-term effects from the brain bleeds. He is still spitting up a good bit of the formula he is given, but they are hopeful that this may clear up now that he doesn't have the irritation of the ventilator.

Michael and Teresa are enjoying getting to finally hold their precious baby boy -- even getting to bathe him! Michael is also enjoying some very valuable "daddy time" with his other two children that he has been longing for, but always too busy with work and other "daddy" issues.

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