Monday, February 16, 2009

More improvement!

Michael and Teresa now have their other two children, Selah and Benjamin, with them and are enjoying being together once again. They are wasting no time in getting them on a routine, which is much needed after being away from parents for three weeks and in a new environment at that.

Elijah is doing remarkably well. He's at 38% oxygen, and the respirator has been turned down to 30 breaths/minute. He is on nitrate (I believe for the kidneys) which has been decreased from 10 % to 9 %. He came off the morphine completely over the weekend! This is the sedative he was having withdrawals from. He is still on the other sedative, but very little of it. I believe this is to keep him from pulling out lines. They have also started him on formula today (intravenously). He seems to be handling this well. The formula will give his liver a purpose to work, which will help with his jaundice. In fact he is now having bowel movements on his own. He is awake more now and becoming very alert to what's going on around him. He is scheduled for another brain scan (ultrasound) and echocardiogram today.

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