Friday, February 20, 2009

Down to 30% oxygen!

Elijah is continuing to improve. He is sitting at 30% oxygen and will stay there until they can put him on the nose tube. He's overtaking the respirator now which means he is taking more breaths on his own than the respirator is taking for him. He is completely off of all sedatives and is handling his formula very well.

While Elijah is doing well, Teresa has come down with some sort of rash from head to toe. She is hoping that it is stress related and will go ahead quickly. However, it is causing more stress (emotionally) because she has not been able to visit Elijah now for two days.


  1. Hey Grandson keep up the good work we are praying for you we love you can't to hold you.
    Love Gray & Pappaw

  2. As the Grandparents of Elijah we want to say thanks for keeping the updates on Elijah it is nice to know that someone else cares.
    Thanks to all who are praying for our Grandson and our family and may God Bless you all.
    Michael & Patricia Ryan