Monday, March 23, 2009

Latest news

Here is an update on Elijah:
  • Brain bleeds are stable.
  • New brain scan shows fluid leaking from the ventricles in his brain, but the fluid, right now, is not putting pressure on the brain, but rather, is filling up extra space between his skull and brain. (He has a big head!)
  • He is completely off oxygen and off all IV meds
  • Formula has been going past his stomach directly to his intestines for a month now. Tomorrow they will do a test to see if they can put the food in his stomach or have to put him on a temporary feeding tube.
  • He has had two major seizures and they have put him on Phenibarbital (not sure of the spelling) to control those and we will go home on that medication.
Two benefits have been organized for Elijah:
  1. March 28 at 5:00 at McAdams Baptist Church there will be a fish fry (My sister, Tammie organized this)
  2. April 4 at Weir Fire Department, starting at 3:00 there will be a gospel singing, hamburger cookout and auction. (My husband Michael's sister, Fran is organizing this one)

Thank you everyone for your prayers. Elijah is getting better all the time!!!

Teresa Ryan

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  1. glad that he is over the stomach bug,

    sending a flybyhugging his way :)