Monday, March 30, 2009

Continued improvement

Elijah is now taking the food in his stomach by a tube in his nose and it looks like he will not need a feeding tube. His suck/swallow/breathe reflex is working good, also. They thought that it might not work well because of the brain bleeds, but he is taking small bottles by mouth!! He gets his formula continuously now, but they will let him try one bottle a day and every day he eats more and more out of that bottle. He is doing good. If everyone will, continue praying for my sister in this difficult time.

The fundraiser did great this weekend and they reached their goal of $2500 which will be matched by the Modern Woodmen of America.

Unless something comes up with Elijah, we are intending to be at the fundraiser in Weir and would love see everyone who can come. Elijah won't be with us, but we brought a 20x24 picture of him with us!! We hope to see you there!


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