Monday, January 26, 2009

Moving to Arkansas

Michael & Teresa have three children ages 4 and under. Their youngest that was born on Jan. 23rd, Elijah, was born with a heart problem. The walls of his heart are too thick for the heart to be able to contract to pump out the carbon dioxide in his body as well as allowing the lungs to work properly. He is breathing through a trach (tube in his throat).

This morning, they flew him to the Children's Hospital in Arkansas. Their intentions are to hook him up to a bypass machine for a few days to give his heart a rest in hopes that it will be a bit stronger and able to work better when they take him off. Please pray that God will heal this precious little boy so that he may join his family.

Also, for the parents -- Teresa is still in the hospital in Jackson and will probably not be discharged until tomorrow. God will also have to work out details with Michael being able to get off work, as well as taking care of their other children, so that they can join Elijah in Arkansas.

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